About MakerClub

Engineering Future Makers


Making is Power

We believe that the ability to make things is akin to a superpower.

Being able to use technology to remake the world around you as you see fit, is as close as you’ll get to being a real-life Tony Stark or Angela Spica.

At MakerClubs across the UK, we are teaching the next generation of STEM superheroes the key skills they need to invent and build things with technology.

Coding is really important, but when you combine it with 3D Printing, Electronics, IoT, CAD Design, Laser Cutting and Artisan Craft, something magical happens…

You can invent ANYTHING.

A Unique Approach to Education

MakerClub is built on the founding principle that practical technology and digital literacy are fundamental to becoming a successful member of today’s and tommorow’s society.

At weekly sessions, guided by expert coaches, our members learn how to creatively combine and wield these skills.

By teaching through project work, we’re also able to equip our members with essential invention skills like research, design, prototyping and iteration, and develop key learning and life skills like resilience, collaboration, analysis and evaluation.

This approach is UNIQUE.

Technology For All

MakerClub works to build a safe environment that fosters creativity over consumption, using technology in a way that is positive, social and accessible for everyone, regardless of their background.

We are dedicated to supporting social, gender and ethnic diversity at our clubs and in STEM industries; actively driving accessibility through our Bright Spark programme.

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