In need of some new project ideas? Here’s where we get our inspo!

Dreaming up new project ideas is one of my favourite things to do.  Sometimes coming up with new ideas is tough, but ideas really can come from anywhere.

My name is Morwenna, and I’m one of the education team that writes the projects and challenges at MakerClub!

In today’s blog I’m going to share some of my top tips for finding new project inspiration.

  1. Looking around online is really fun. Sites like Instructables, Thingiverse and YouTube are filled with awesome project ideas that you can mix and match and fix and smash together, into something new and cool!


  1. Sometimes we like to think about what’s happening in the world right now. Are there any trends, world events, must-see movies or must-play games being released?  Basing a project on something happening in the real world can be a great place to start.


  1. Sometimes we think about a piece of kit or hardware we really want to work with, and then think about what we could do with it. Are you lit for LED’s?  Are you buzzing for buzzers? Are you in a spin for a servo?  Then use that as a starting point and ideate from there.


  1. Talk to other people.  Chat to them about what they’re working on.  Most of our very best ideas come from talking to you, and with over 200 of you coming to club every week around the country, that’s a lot of inspiration!  Finding out what you think is cool and exciting is a big part of how we decide on new projects, and it can work for you too!  Take a walk around club, chat to people, ask them what they’re up to. You might even find that you want to team up and tackle a challenge together.


Do you have a project idea or challenge that you’d like to see everyone get stuck into at MakerClub?  Drop us a line in the club chat box and let us know, or email me on!

four children talking around a table

MakerClub BrightSparks Nominated at Tech4Good Awards 2017!

The MakerClub BrightSparks programme has been nominated at this years  2017 Tech4Good Awards – it’s a tremendous achievement that puts us in the same company as previous winners like, Professor Stephen Hawking, Code Club ActionAid, and founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales!

But, we need your help…

What is BrightSparks?

BrightSparks is a programme that helps give kids from low-income families the chance to learn life-changing technology skills. We partner with local digital companies in close proximity to our MakerClub spaces and ask them to provide sponsorship and volunteer support in-club over a period of 12 months.

We do this because we believe that all kids should have access to a clear learning pathway around creative technology. The digital sector represents a way out of poverty to many of these kids and MakerClub is a great headstart

It’s win/win, with digital companies helping their community while improving their own talent pipeline, and BrightSparks kids get weekly mentorship and access to the awesome tech equipment where they can make their inventions a reality.

So far, we have over 20 companies involved, including:

  • Propellernet
  • gene
  • Ribot
  • Madgex
  • Advice Cloud
  • Chirp
  • Barclays
  • ClearLeft
  • ThisisDrum
  • Xoom Talk
  • FutureLab
  • Brilliant Noise
  • Ocasta Studios
  • Pragmatic
  • DapApps
  • Cloud Helix
  • Jollywise
  • OurFutureCity

If you’d like more info, head over to the BrightSparks page for more details about how you can get involved.

How can you help us win?

For us to win this year’s,Tech4Good Awards, we need your votes!

You can either go directly to theTech4Good Awards voting page…


…if you’re a Twitter user, you can send a tweet with the hashtag #T4GBrightSparks in it (Tech4Good Awards tracks the hashtag and RT’s). Your tweet might look something like this:  

Loving @MakerClub #TG4BrightSpark programme – helping kids get the best start in life with tech!

MakerClub Kids in bournemouth

Seeking volunteer tech Superstars to help at MakerClub!

We’ve had a fantastic year at MakerClub this year! We now have clubs open in 6 UK cities and about 100 young members coming weekly to learn about robotics and 3D printing, and now we’re looking for volunteers to help us teach the next generation.

With so many young makers coming through our doors, we need some enthusiastic volunteers and mentors to help them on their way to becoming the world’s next up and coming inventors!

Are you a STEM superstar? Do you have experience working with young people and an enthusiasm for technology? If so, get in touch to volunteer at MakerClub!

We’re recruiting in Birmingham, London and Norwich.

For more information please contact