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Broken appliance? Take it apart!

At the end of October we had the exciting opportunity to run workshops as part of Make:Shift:Do, a festival of craft and innovation. We decided to try something new – instead of building things, we took them apart!

How often do kids get to take apart electronics? We are surrounded by TVs and computers, but how many of us know what’s inside?

A few decades ago, if an appliance broke, we’d have a go at fixing it. Now, we’ll go and buy a new one. Next time you go to throw out an old appliance, have a go at taking it apart with the kids -here’s why.

They Learn!

It may look like pulling things apart but that’s only the beginning. By taking apart lots of old electronics, kids will notice similarities. They will start to ask ‘what’s this?’ and ‘what does that do?’. Before long they’ll be able to distinguish a capacitor from a resistor. The start of a new hobby or interest perhaps?

They become less fearful (and so might you!)

Many people are scared of electricity. There is a reluctance to take apart old electricals. In most cases, there is very little risk as long as you’ve disconnected the power! The more children are exposed, the more confident they will feel in using the components to build something new.

You might fix it!

After all that, you might even find that you fix your old appliance! Job done, money saved! Watch out though, the kids might start taking working objects apart next!

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