Life-changing access to tech education

Providing free access to afterschool design and technology clubs for young makers from low income families, made possible by local digital businesses.

Engaging Curriculum

Designed to support children that may find traditional school learning difficult. Our makers can learn at their own pace and use the latest technology.

1-2-1 Contact

Our program ensures 12 months of weekly contact in the safe and exploratory environment of a MakerClub Makerspace with amazing mentors.


Providing easy access to awesome equipment, including all materials, travel bursary and a laptop for life*

*if on free school meals

Win-win for Business

Sponsor a child and get great press, blog content for your website, team volunteer training, company workshops
and networking opportunities.

How it works

1. Digital businesses sponsor 1 or more children, receiving a variety of awesome benefits in the process.

2. Local Primary School Teachers and ICT co-ordinators recommend children for the programme or parents apply through their child’s school.

3. Children are placed at their local MakerClub for 12 months of weekly afterschool mentorship and given a laptop for free.

“We are really thankful for this experience as we wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise and it’s exactly what the kids are interested in!” –

Alex (BrightSparks Mum)


Am I eligible?
Children need to be between 8 and 13 years old. They must be either on free school meals, or have a total family income of under £24k. You will also need to be within 3 miles of a MakerClub location.

What do children learn?
At MakerClub we teach engineering, design and coding skills through hands-on projects like robot building, animatronics or product design. It also complements the national curriculum up to GCSE, please see here for full breakdown.

Do you need special equipment?
No. Everything is provided, including laptop use, materials used in club and any electronics needed for project work.

How can I apply?
Only teachers can apply on a child’s behalf. If you are a parent, you will need to tell your child’s school and give them details of the programme. You can find out more information and a link for application here.

Why only applications from teachers?
We need to be sure of a child’s behaviour and desire to attend MakerClub before they are offered a place. Teachers are best placed to assess this.

Have a question that you can’t see here?
Please contact us directly by email or by phone on 0800 680 0130.

Just some of the companies supporting BrightSparks across the UK: