BrightSparks Business

Transforming children’s lives

BrightSparks sponsor companies are forward thinking, game changers that know how important it is to ensure the next generation are prepared for anything…

Empower staff

Give your team the chance to pass on their skills to the next generation, with free training for anyone that would like to volunteer at MakerClub.

Boost Diversity

BrightSparks helps build your local talent pipeline, turbo-charging diversity and ensuring the next generation have the digital skills to thrive.


Get great blog content for your company’s website, from videos and images to real stories directly from the kids themselves.

Big Impact

BrightSparks is a direct and sustained activity. It’s not a one-off workshop, it’s a real relationship that develops core skills for the rest of their life.

Easy for Business

No BrightSparks activities will impact on normal business hours. Be involved as little or as much as you have time for.


Help schools and families in your local area, while connecting with a network of like-minded digital companies with regular meetings and events.

“If only this was available when I was a child” –

Antony, CEO of Ribot (sponsor company)


How much does it cost?
Providing 52 club sessions (12 months), all materials, and a laptop for life costs £1,500 per child. Once donated, we will be able to place a child within 2 weeks. If cashflow is an issue, you can also pay in 3 installments over the 12 months. If this feels possible, arrange for a time for us to contact you.

Is it just for digital business
We focus on digital businesses because of the nature of our curriculum, but there is no reason why a company from any sector couldn’t donate. We always have a waiting list of local young people, so if you’re company is community minded, get in contact.

How much time does it take from the business?
We teach Brightsparks in our makerspace classroom on weekends and after-school, so if any staff would like to volunteer outside of office time, it should have no direct effect, on your business.

What happens after 12 months?
We provide light-touch continued support and give children access to our online learning platform, so they can continue their study. They also get to take home their laptop forever.

Does this count as a donation?
Yes, sponsoring a BrightSpark does count as a donation.

How do you decide which children take part?
We work with local schools to identify children that will most benefit from the programme.

Just some of the companies supporting BrightSparks across the UK: