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A world-class invention club for ages 8‑13 ...where kids become inventors!

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Our expert tutors take members through hands-on projects covering robotics, coding, 3D design and more... all on our award-winning learning platform. Before you know it you’re a master inventor building brand new gadgets and gizmos of your own!

Most Disruptive

Learn Essential Skills


Intelligent robots, Driverless Cars, complex problem solving

Big Data

Petabytes of data can now be analysed in seconds on the cloud


Record levels of investment being made in the core infrastructure

Machine Learning

Accurate predictions can now be made from analysing large datasets

3D Printing

The democratisation of manufacture is changing whole industries


Real-world computing will connect trillions of devices at low cost


Advanced CAD-only prototyping, gaming and training applications


Unprecedented control over data security, and transactions

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