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A world-class invention club for ages 8‑13 ...where kids become inventors!

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About the club

A high-tech makerspace custom built for young makers, fully-equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters and incredible bespoke electronics. Our expert tutors take members through hands-on projects covering robotics, coding, 3D design and more... all on our award-winning learning platform. Before you know it you’re a master inventor building brand new gadgets and gizmos of your own!

The best after-school club there is...

Why MakerClub ROCKS!

Mad Skills!

Learn 3D printing & design, coding and robotics, prototyping, engineering, and more...

Endless Invention

We're always adding inventions and challenges to our library to spark ideas, and the possibilities are limitless.

Fun Guaranteed

We've tested our inventions on thousands of kids, and they love them!

Cutting-edge Technology

Our award-winning platform and bespoke electronics are world-beaters in innovative tech.

Make & Invent at Home

There is 24/7 access to the platform, and £89 of FREE INVENTION KIT to take home and use again and again!

Design Thinking

Learn how to come up with good ideas, prototype, and make them a reality.

Embrace the Screen

It's everywhere, so start using technology for creation rather than consumption.

Build The Future

Hands-on application of STEM skills to solve real world problems will be increasingly important for the future. Our members get the best possible head start.

Happy Kids

Even happier Adults :)

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