Coding and STEAM curriculum

Designed for primary and secondary schools to let students learn at their own pace.


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We are a group of inventors, teachers, explorers and enthusiasts; all passionate about technology and making the world a better place. Our mission is to give people all the tools and skills they need to solve problems and build their own inventions using technology. Our hardware, online platform and kit have been purpose-built with that very goal in mind.

MakerClub's intuitive platform and technology that is being used in schools across the country, allows you to easily incorporate STEAM subjects into your after school clubs.

MakerClub's curriculum is best suited for 7-14 years olds. Our technology has been developed to a "low floor, high ceiling and wide walls" specification - meaning that newcomers can get started easily, while more experienced makers can work on increasingly complex projects.

No prior experience is necessary, just a desire to learn! MakerClub provides a fun and easy introduction to STEAM education, which students can build on.

The Class Kit is designed to accommodate 16 students. Add ons can be purchased to increase this number if required.

The good news is there's no experience needed, just a desire to learn and get involved. MakerClub's self-paced curriculum gets students started on their own, with extra online resources readily available for them if they run into difficulties.

Of course! With the help of your Teacher Dashboard, you will be able to see how each student is progressing through their projects, which badges they have unlocked and the knowledge and skills they have acquired.

Our curriculum aims to prepare young people to be inventors, covering topics from science and computing to art and design. The modules are designed to be flexible which enables us to provide members with as much choice as possible over what project they are working on.