Engineering Inventors

At MakerClub, you’ll become a game-changing inventor!

Our curriculum was developed with experts from all different industries and technical specialisms, to give you just the right combination of skills that you need to start taking your ideas out of your brain and into the real world!

What will I learn?

How will I learn?

MakerClub is all about learning by making.  You’re going to build some awesome stuff, and what’s more, you’re going to earn badges through your very own online account to prove your skills as you do it.

There are 4 MakerClub ranks.  You level up your ranking by completing projects collecting badges and earning points.  Every time you level up, you’ll unlock new, exciting, more complicated projects and bonuses.  

Level 1: Maker

Makers are unbelievable builders.  They are able to carefully follow instructions, learn epic new skills and apply them in mini projects.


Level 2: Engineer

Engineers are able to brilliantly mix and match skills in short projects, and creatively approach it to really make it their own.


Level 3: Inventor

Inventors have developed the skills and know how to tackle more complex challenges.  They can develop an amazing project from idea to reality, whilst following set criteria.


Level 4:

Become a Game Changer at MakerClub

Game changers are elite inventors, and act as ambassadors for MakerClub.  They set their own briefs based on the challenges they see around them, and act as mentors to other members coming through the ranks.

As a game changer you’ll help to drive the direction of the club, giving advice and project ideas to the HQ team, and submitting Inventor Challenge briefs for club members to take on nationwide!