Frequently Asked Questions

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What will my kids learn at MakerClub?

Everything you need to invent! Our weekly projects teach coding, design, problem solving, 3d printing, laser cutting, electronics, problem-solving and general team-work.

From building robots that solve everyday problems to constructing medieval catapults from scratch – MakerClub is about blending cutting edge technology and messy crafts to bring learning to life.

Where does MakerClub take place and at what time?

MakerClub runs weekly, usually from 5.30pm to 7pm, but you’ll need to check your regional club times. You can do this by locating your nearest club and taking a look the membership page. MakerClub’s are usually based in makerspaces – these are community workshops that have access to tools like 3D printers, laser cutters and electronics. These spaces are normally easy to access by foot or car.

Who teaches at MakerClub?

All our mentors and volunteers are DBS checked with the majority having had experience working as teachers or in the technology industry. We have a strict training and hiring process and make sure that everyone who teaches at MakerClub is the best they can be.

Where does MakerClub take place and at what time?

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Is MakerClub linked to the Curriculum?

All the activities that run at MakerClub can happily support the national curriculum, although we are not directly based on it – that would be too restrictive for our advanced projects.

My child has Asperger syndrome or has a medical condition, can they still come to MakerClub?

We have lots of SEN children who happily attend MakerClub. We pride ourselves on being as inclusive as possible, but before you get a membership, please contact us in advance and we’ll make a brief assessment.

What age group is MakerClub for?

You need to be aged 8 to 13 to join MakerClub

How much does MakerClub cost?

MakerClub charges a monthly fee of £49, which includes all materials and one club session every week. You can cancel this at any time. This money is spent on consumables (craft materials, electronics), paying all our club managers and assistants the living wage and rental for the awesome spaces that we run in. We charge slightly more for London clubs because of higher rents.

Is my child right for MakerClub?

Is your child curious? Are they enthusiastic? If you answered yes to both, then they are perfect. You don’t need any prior technology skills at MakerClub, just a willingness to learn!

Do I have to buy any special equipment for MakerClub?

No, everything is included! However, we would say that its great if a child has their own laptop they can use – this means that they can take some of their work home with them, but, if that’s not possible, no worries!

What does a typical MakerClub session look like?

MakerClub sessions are weekly and take place either after-school or on the weekend, depending on what time you choose when purchasing a membership. They last for one and half hours and are structured so that the kids get stuck into hands-on making as soon as possible. Each member has their own box that stays at club which contains all their project work. Each project or challenge lasts between a week to a month to complete. We often have guest speakers from local technology companies and Universities, who set quick challenges around everything from game design to nuclear physics! The projects are often team based and require members to work together to get the best results – at the end of projects members usually have to present back to the community their findings.

What is MakerClub?

MakerClub is an award-winning weekly invention and technology community for ages 9 to 14, we are based in Brighton but have centers all around the UK. Our sessions are project-based, hands-on and created by real technologists who believe that every child has the ability to become an inventor! You can learn more about MakerClub here.