MakerClub for Businesses

Bespoke workshops for design-thinking companies

MakerClub can offer your business a bespoke workshop focussed on prototyping and design-thinking for business in the digital age.

MakerClub has worked with American Express, Ernst & Young and Wired Magazine to develop cutting edge workshops that use hands-on making sessions and serious play, combined with fun technology like robotics and 3D printing to improve your staffs creativity, teamwork and agility.

We will make your staff happier and better prepare your company for the future – plus, it’s a really great way of getting your team bursting with new ideas and enthusiasm!

Programme Outcomes

Participants will leave with the programme an understanding of:

  • Technology trends, and how the 4th industrial revolution will impact on your business and its clients.
  • What 3D printing , the Internet of Things (IoT) and Programming are, how they work, and an overview of how these technologies are already disrupting industries and societies.
  • How these skills can be used together to rapidly prototype new, real-world products and systems.
  • Why understanding and using technology is key to future-proofing any business.

Participants will leave the workshop feeling:

  • Surprised by the simplicity of getting started with a new technology
  • Comfortable experimenting with code and robotics
  • Excited and inspired by what is possible

In addition to rewarding and motivating your team through fun, a high priority is placed on making activities directly transferable to the workplace.

Specifically, we focus on developing skills in:

  • Enterprise and Confidence
  • Communication and Teamwork
  • Visualisation and Idea-Modelling
  • Systems Analysis and Critical Thinking
  • Logic and Reasoning
  • Creative Problem-Solving

Course Leaders

Simon Riley

Simon Riley is the CEO of MakerClub. Highly regarded as an industry thought leader in disruptive technology and education, he has a rich background from technical roles for a variety
of digital technology companies like WordPress, Brandwatch and Ebay, and a Masters degree in Electronic engineering and computing.

Morwenna Griffin

Morwenna Griffin is the Head of Education at MakerClub. With 10 years experience in training and events, she has written and run technology workshops and training sessions for clients including Wired, Barclays, Freeformers and Aspirations Academies Trust.

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