The School Kit



What you get

Everything for the budding maker

Prusa i3 Mk3 Printer


Servo Module

Motor Module



Calibrated Thermometer

Distance Sensor

Fire Detector

Geared Motor

Glue Gun

Green/Red LED

Humidity Sensor



Light Gate

Light Sensor

Loud Sound Detector

Magnetic Switch

Motion Sensor

Push Button

Quiet Sound Detector

Remote Control Receiver

Servo Motor

Shock Sensor

Tap Sensor


Tilt Switch

Touch Sensor

Moisture Sensor

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Learn the basics of making


Put it together by building your own


Make inventions, and solve problems

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Only the best

Why MakerClub ROCKS!

Learn from home

All of the STEM/STEAM needed to make.

Endless Inventions

We're always adding more inventions to our library to spark ideas.

Fun Guaranteed

We've tested our inventions on thousands of kids, and they love them!

Cutting-edge Technology

Our award-winning platform packs a real punch when it comes to innovative tech.

Design Thinking

Learn how to come up with good ideas, and make them a reality.

It's reusable

All of the kit can be re-used again and again in different inventions.

Encourage Screens

Start using technology for creation rather than consumption.

Coding Skills

Learn to program from scratch with and make robotics projects react to the real world.

Happy Kids

Even happier Adults 🙂


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