Stephen Hawking was a maker at heart and you should be too…

“As a child, I wanted to know how things worked and to control them.” RIP Stephen Hawking. A scientist that not only managed to change the way we think about the nature of the Universe but someone who smashed head-first into popular culture. After the countless discoveries, awards, and fame, Hawking spent a large part […]

5 Ways We Can Start to Smash the Gender Divide in Science & Technology…

This article is part of our #BrightFutures series on helping build and understand the skills that the next generation will need for 2030. You’re young, creative and love tinkering with stuff. You’re probably happiest when you’re covered in glue and surrounded by the cardboard pieces you need to prototype your latest mad invention. Everyone is […]

Inspiring the next generation – Workshop at Wyborne Primary School

Last week, MakerClub ran workshops at Wybourne Primary School in London. Here, Greenwich Club Manager Heman, tells us what they got up to.  We have seen some technologies integrated into the classroom for some time now, the computer being the most obvious example. However, as innovation in technology has become so widespread, particularly in Europe […]

The Rise of the Robots – Workshop at City and Islington College

What jobs were people doing 100 years ago? We were in the midst of World War One and approaching the end of the second industrial revolution. We had electricity, mass production, automotive and aerospace industries. Technology has already transformed the industries that were commonplace for the jobs of our parents and grandparents. So what does […]

Join the next generation of STEM Superheroes!

  We are in the throes of a new industrial revolution.   Dismiss it as a buzzword or fad at your peril; the revolution is real, and it’s happening now.  Quietly in cafes, in bedrooms and in makerspaces, the next generation of Mark Zuckerbergs and Elon Musks are working, and they’re coming to eat the […]

Why MakerClub is the club your child has been looking for their whole life.

So, you’re reading this because you know a kid aged 8-13.   This kid is a smart cookie.   They like video games, coding, inventing things and tech, but these aren’t things you can typically do in a group, so perhaps they usually do them alone in their bedroom.  In fact, perhaps you’ve got an […]

In need of some new project ideas? Here’s where we get our inspo!

Dreaming up new project ideas is one of my favourite things to do.  Sometimes coming up with new ideas is tough, but ideas really can come from anywhere. My name is Morwenna, and I’m one of the education team that writes the projects and challenges at MakerClub! In today’s blog I’m going to share some […]