Chirp supports MakerClub’s BrightSparks!

Chirp was the first company to sponsor BrightSparks in London, taking on an amazing 5 children into the programme for our Greenwich Makerspace.

Chirp develop cutting-edge data transfer tech that uses sound to move data wirelessly without the need for WiFi or Bluetooth. They work with brands globally to incorporate their tech in everything from digitally enabled toys to home automation. In a word, they are RAD.

MakerClub will be working with Chirp to help get their tech into the hands of our young inventors to try and see what uses they can come up with for it. Check our regular blog posts for details.

You can find out more about the amazing work that Chirp does by visiting their website.

Why did your company choose to sponsor Brightsparks?

At Chirp, we are a family of inventors. We like to tinker, build and find new ways to solve problems. The BrightSparks programme gives that kind of attitude to the next generation of young people, some of which might be the ones we’d like to employ one day!

If you could give a young person one piece of advice to get into your industry, what would it be?

Do what you love, and one day it might just turn into a job! We at Chirp all love music and sound. It’s this passion and curiosity that led us to thinking about how sound could be used as a way of sending information, and now it’s what we do every day. So when you have an idea that gets you excited, follow it through and see where you get to – you never know where it might lead…

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