BrightSparks Sponsors: RocketMill

One of Brighton’s premier digital marketing companies, RocketMill makes amazing content that’s driven by data and a quest for the highest quality service possible. This combination makes them one the cities most successful agencies. They have worked with huge brands like Dropbox, Jaguar, Reed and Land Rover.

RocketMill believes that the key to their success has been keeping the company small (about 35 staff), enabling them to develop close relationships with the companies they work for and deliver world-class service.

Check out RocketMill here.

Why did RocketMill choose to sponsor Brightsparks?

We’re huge supporters of initiatives that get young people into digital disciplines, so when we found out Brightsparks was based just down the road from us, we had to get involved. It’s a great program, and we’re really proud to be supporting it.

If you could give a young person one piece of advice to get into your industry, what would it be?

Be curious about everything. The people who are most successful in digital marketing are the ones who tinker and teach themselves new things. If you’re curious about a new technology, dive right into it and play around.

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