Workshop at Wyborne Primary School

MakerClub facilitator helping kits

Last week, MakerClub ran workshops at Wybourne Primary School in London. Here, Greenwich Club Manager Heman, tells us what they got up to. 

We have seen some technologies integrated into the classroom for some time now, the computer being the most obvious example. However, as innovation in technology has become so widespread, particularly in Europe and USA, we do not want young pupils to feel left behind.  This is why at MakerClub we believe it is important to not only use technology, but also be able to create with it.   

Open-source technology, digital fabrication and crowd-funding, has paved the way for inventors as young as 8 years old to create, as Omkar has shown.  

Last week, we headed off to Wyborne Primary School to teach two Year 5 classes, focusing our attention on teaching them the necessary skills and knowledge to help them develop and invent with technology.

Robotics, programming and rapid prototyping.   

While we were there, the pupils got their hands on our very own micro-controller, the Hornet Board and programmed a servo motor using block based coding to make it move. Out of simple craft materials and basic coding, they had learnt how quick it can be to understand technology and create with it. From there they then created their very own walking/ dancing robot!  


Although it’s not as easy it sounds, in turn, they also developed their psychomotor, digital and hands-on skills to get more of an understanding on how to actually make a walking robot. Design consideration and thinking was needed as they thought about the materials to use, how it should be programmed, weight, grip and center of gravity.

As you can imagine, there was some trouble along the way but as Edison said, you don’t fail 1000 times, you just take 1000 steps to make it work.   

And even 3 of the advanced students, who had already learnt about these topics as regular members of the MakerClub in Greenwich, were well aware, quick to progress and enthusiastic to share their knowledge with the class!

By the end, even the teachers learnt how in just one session they can create with technology and how beneficial it can be incorporating STEAM activities in their teaching. If you would like to be part of the movement and embrace the future, click here to register your interest.

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