Join the next generation of STEM Superheroes!


We are in the throes of a new industrial revolution.  

Dismiss it as a buzzword or fad at your peril; the revolution is real, and it’s happening now.  Quietly in cafes, in bedrooms and in makerspaces, the next generation of Mark Zuckerbergs and Elon Musks are working, and they’re coming to eat the world.

A world where if you dream it, you can make it

It’s no longer enough, simply to be able to use technology.  We must analyse, interpret, connect and create!  We must be learn to be confident technology makers, not just passive technology consumers.  

This shift requires not only technical knowledge, but a whole new set of learning and life  skills and digital literacies that can be combined and applied instantly to whatever new situation or piece of technology you find yourself presented with.

We think the younger you get into good habits, learning how to actively use technology creatively and practically, the better.

So let’s get inventing!

In our clubs all over the UK, hundreds of young inventors aged 8-13 are fast becoming the next generation of STEM superheroes (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

At weekly sessions, our members design, code, break, build, print and craft their way through a curriculum designed to give them the practical and scientific foundation they need in order to start getting whatever amazing inventions are in their head, out into the real world.

 It’s pretty awesome.

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