Why MakerClub is the best club in the world!

So, you’re reading this because you know a kid aged 8-13.  

This kid is a smart cookie.  

They like video games, coding, inventing things and tech, but these aren’t things you can typically do in a group, so perhaps they usually do them alone in their bedroom.  In fact, perhaps you’ve got an inkling that they’re using their smarts to plan a secret world takeover, one minecraft map at a time.

Maybe they aren’t into theatre, dance or sports and it’s difficult to find an extracurricular club that really sparks their interest.

You want to find them somewhere to grow.

Somewhere they can get their teeth into projects that interest them, flex their creative muscles and meet like-minded friends (because we all know when it comes to taking over the world, two or three or four heads are better than one).

Welcome to MakerClub.

Our mission is to turn kids into inventors.

To build a world-wide squad of creative thinkers, designers and problem solvers, ready to take on the world and remake it for the better.

We run a network of clubs in fully-equipped maker spaces all over the UK for hundreds of young makers aged 8-13.

Everything they need at their fingertips.

At weekly sessions, our members use Computer Aided Design (CAD), Electronics, Coding, 3D printers and Laser Cutters to build their way through a curriculum designed to give them the practical and scientific foundation they need in order to invent.

Our curriculum was developed with experts from all different industries and technical specialisms – from engineers and programmers to teachers and academics – to give them just the right combination of skills that they need to start taking their ideas out of their brain and into the real world!

Want to know more?

Click here to book in for a free trial at your nearest MakerClub!

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