Recycling Competition Winner Announced!

Brighton MakerClub wins Recycling Competition

Congratulations to the Wednesday team at the Brighton MakerClub for winning this term’s recycling competition, “Clean Up The Planet”. Over 6 weeks the teams worked hard at researching the problems, seeing where they could have the most impact, coming up with new ideas, and inventing awesome solutions!

Recycling Challenge

Setting the Challenge

We took our inspiration for this competition from the UN Sustainable Development Goals and picked Sustainable Consumption and production. We then set the MakerClub members the challenge of making a difference in their local environment.

Here, the idea is to encourage children to think about the bigger picture, but also show them that they can actually make a difference and that technology could well hold the answers to some of the big challenges facing us. Each team was given 6 weeks to come up with an invention that would help solve the UN sustainability goal.

Winners Presenting their inventions

Presenting the solutions

An important part of creating inventions is understanding your audience and their needs. Once the invention has been created, it’s just as important to communicate the solution and how it works. Here are the winning team presenting their idea to the MakerClub CEO, Simon.

The winning invention

Recycling competition winner with electronics on display
Recycling competition winner with the lid closed

Here is the winning invention in all it’s glory, a smart composter! During their research, the Brighton Wednesday team found that 10 millions of tonnes of food are wasted in the UK every year, and 60% of this can be avoided, so they set out to make a smart composter.

Priced at only¬† ¬£15 (!) this ingenious device senses the moisture in the soil and sounds an alarm if there’s not enough water for the worms to do their magic.

Given the huge amount of thought and work that went into this invention, we were very proud to announce them as the overall winners.

Possible Improvements

If the team had more time, they said they’d like to add a force sensor to be able to weigh when the composter was full, as well as a timer to say when the compost is ready to be used. We’ve already pre-ordered ours at MakerClub HQ!


Mayku Vacuum Former

The hard work was worth it. The team won themselves a super cool foldable drone each, and for the club, they won an amazing Mayku Vacuum Former which will allow the whole club to make even more advanced inventions including their own casts and moulds with plaster of Paris. Well done again to all the teams that entered. We’re proud of you all!

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