Reducing teacher workload with MakerClub

Teachers are busy!

When there aren’t lessons to be planned, homework to be marked, reports to write, parents to talk to, after-school clubs to run, teachers might just get some time to teach!

At MakerClub, we’re dedicated to taking the repetitive and the time-consuming out of a teachers day, so that they can focus purely on improving their kids’ futures.

Here are the three major new features and improvements that we’ve added!

Lesson Plans for Teachers

Each project comes with a list of key objectives, warm-up activities, glossary, and details of resources required. There are also inbuilt extension activities to accommodate those pupils who forge ahead.

Automatic Assessment

Quizzes are built into each project allowing the teacher to see at a glance the progress of each student, highlighting those who might need extra support.

Classroom management

Teachers can easily manage their students, creating new classes and printing out reports for each student.

Classroom management system

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