£39 / month

Billed Quarterly



One Time payment


£15 / month

Billed Yearly

MakerClub Invention Kit (worth £140) Yes 20 online courses Yes
MakerClub’s global community Yes Earn badges and unlock more projects Yes

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Frequently asked questions

Children can’t share the same account, because they will overwrite each other’s work. We offer discounts for multiple children so please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Yes, your subscription will renew automatically, but you can cancel at any time simply by sending a message through the live chat on our website.

The platform works best on a laptop or desktop computer, and we also have support for the mobile phone to act as a remote control for any projects.

You can cancel or amend your payment plan at any time with no cancellation period. Just email hello@makerclub.org or call us on 0800 680 0130

Our customer care team are on hand to manage any changes to your account. Email hello@makerclub.org or call us on 0800 680 0130

The MakerClub Learning platform awards badges for various achievements, especially for the completion of projects which introduce new concepts. By earning these badges your child will unlock new, more advanced projects which utilise and combine their new skills. When they have a certain amount of badges they ‘level-up’.
By monitoring your child’s badges and levels you can observe their skills, attainment and progress.