Bare Conductive Touch Board


Bare Conductive Touch Board

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  • Connects to almost any material

  • Designed to work with Electric Paint

  • Create 12 unique sensors      

  • Dedicated audio processor      

  • Product Description

    Powerful & easy-to-use sensors.

    The Touch Board allows you to connect almost any material, object or space to the digital world. Use the Touch Board to change the world around you. Paint a light switch on your wall, print a paper piano or do something that no one has thought of yet.


    The Touch Board features a row of electrodes that allow users to create 12 unique sensors with any conductive material, including Electric Paint. The board comes pre-programmed to play an audio guide which takes you through board features and setup. No technical ability is required to get started. Putting your own sounds on the Touch Board is as easy as dragging MP3 files onto the microSD card.


    The Touch Board is an Arduino at heart, which means its easy to program and can be customised with shields. With a simple code change the Touch Board can enable a range of sophisticated applications: play a MIDI note, create distance sensors, control motors and relays, write data to the microSD card, talk to the cloud. The possibilities are endless. Put simply, the Touch Board can do anything that an Arduino can, and more!


    The Touch Board was designed to work with Electric Paint as a way to turn anything into an interface, making them an incredible platform for innovation. Electric Paint is a non-toxic electrically conductive material which is as simple to use as poster paint, and dries in under 15 minutes to become conductive.


    As with all of our products, we work hard to make the Touch Board accessible to the widest possible set of users, from electrical novices to expert engineers. Our Make page provides users with step-by-step tutorials and example projects, encouraging them to expand their knowledge and build on their ideas. We take new users through every step, from unboxing and listening to the Audio Guide to setting up the board with Arduino.


    The Touch Board and Electric Paint are an essential part of every Maker’s toolbox, every educator’s top drawer and every engineer’s lab.

    Additional Information

    Atmel ATmega32U4 Microprocessor
    Resurgent MPR121 dedicated touch interface
    VLSI VS1053B audio processor
    Arduino compatible
    Arduino Shield Compatible
    5V operating voltage (automatic voltage selector for USB or battery operation)
    LiPo battery charging with boost circuit for 5V operation
    16 MHz clock speed
    Can be powered and programmed over USB
    20 digital I/O pins
    7 PWM channels
    12 analog input channels
    12 Touch electrodes (8 can be configured as digital inputs or outputs with PWM capability)
    84mm x 62mm foot print with maximum height of 10mm
    On/Off switch when powered from battery


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