Electric Paint 50ml


Electric Paint 50ml

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Electric Paint

  • Draw circuits and cold solder components

  • Non toxic

  • Can be applied to a range of surfaces

  • Suitable for screen printing

  • Product Description

    Bare Conductive manufactures a range of products that enable sensors to exist in new and unexpected places. Electric Paint is the foundation of this idea.

    Electric Paint, is a non-toxic electrically conductive material which is as simple to use as poster paint and dries in under 15 minutes to become conductive. It contains no metals, solvents or irritants, and can be screen printed, sprayed or brushed. Electric Paint is suitable for application on a wide range of materials from fabric to wood to paper. Whether in a 50ml jar or 10ml tube format, Electric Paint is an excellent tool for novices and professionals to prototype and experiment with electronics.

    Electric Paint has a number of unique properties and applications, but its key functions can be summarised in three points: Electric Paint is like a liquid wire, it can act as a conductive adhesive and it can be used as a capacitive sensor.

    This combination of properties serves a unique set of applications and makes it a perfect prototyping tool. Whether used to paint circuits or cold solder components onto paper, this material is a quick and safe addition to your toolbox.


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