MakerClub 37-Piece Sensor Kit


MakerClub 37-Piece Sensor Kit

Revolutionary Microcontroller designed for robotics

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(Not yet rated)



  • Develop your own sensor packed Internet of Things devices

  • Automatically connects to mobile app

  • Arduino compatible

  • Compatible with MakerClub development environment

  • Product Description

    What’s the big deal?

    In this set, you’ll get the MakerClub Hornet ™ micro-controller along with 37 different sensors and outputs. Whether you want to start automating your home, creating your own wearable technology or just building great robots, this is for you. If you’re still new to all this, we recommend doing one of our courses first (these come with a Hornet board). Access to our browser based development environment and mobile app is included in the price.

    Why is this for me?

    This is a kit for confident makers. The Hornet™ paired with this wide range of sensors makes for a formidable piece of hardware. If you want a micro-controller that can be controlled wirelessly, this makes it easier than ever,with a great interface and multiple connection options. 

    MakerClub Hornet™ Tech Specs

    • Maker Connect v1
    • Arduino 328P Microcontroller
    • Bluetooth Serial Connection
    • 16 channel PWM Servo/LED driver
    • 2 channel DC motor driver
    • Battery Pack Connection
    • 4 Analogue and Digital Connections
    • Onboard RGB LED
    • 37 Sensors inc; heart monitor, light sensor, touch sensor, heat sensor, depth sensors and loads more…


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