MakerClub Hornet


MakerClub Hornet

The Micro-controller that's made for robotics.

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(Not yet rated)



  • Hexapods, RC racers and home automation, it makes robotics easy!

  • Wireless control mobile app included!

  • Bluetooth built in!

  • Compatible with MakerClub learning platform!

  • Arduino Compatible!

  • Product Description

    What’s the big deal?

    We’ve developed a microcontroller that works great for the beginner and professional user. It’s Arduino compatible, has Bluetooth™ onboard, enables the control of up to 18 servos (so you can build a Hexapod walker!) and works with our MakerClub mobile app, so you can control your creations wirelessly.

    Why is this for me?

    If you are new to electronics, we highly recommend that you purchase The Hornet as part of our fun robotics courses (link). These give you a step by step guide to how to use and program the microcontroller while constructing quadcopters, RC Cars and robotic arms. If you’re a pro, you can dive right in. Our mobile app and access to our browser based IDE are totally free.

    MakerClub Hornet™ Tech Specs

    • Maker Connect v1
    • Arduino 328P Microcontroller
    • Bluetooth Serial Connection
    • 18 channel PWM Servo/LED driver
    • 2 channel DC motor driver
    • Battery Pack Connection
    • 4 Analogue and Digital Connections
    • Onboard RGB LED


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