The Inventor Kit


The quickest way to start making. Includes our super smart MakerBoard and all the parts to become an inventor.

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No previous experience required

All instructions steps and learning are built into our award winning learning platform.

How it works

Your first steps into robotics

What you get

Everything for the budding maker


Servo Module

Motor Module

Servo Motor


Geared Motor

Motion Sensor

Push Button

Moisture Sensor

A guided journey of coding and engineering

Our project-based approach allows kids to learn at their own pace to become experts as they grow.


Follow along with our starter projects


Personalise and customise projects


Combine different ideas and solve real-world problems

Master Maker

Share your expertise with others to help them get as good as you

Most Disruptive

Learn Essential Skills


Intelligent robots, Driverless Cars, complex problem solving

Big Data

Petabytes of data can now be analysed in seconds on the cloud


Record levels of investment being made in the core infrastructure

Machine Learning

Accurate predictions can now be made from analysing large datasets

3D Printing

The democratisation of manufacture is changing whole industries


Real-world computing will connect trillions of devices at low cost


Advanced CAD-only prototyping, gaming and training applications


Unprecedented control over data security, and transactions

Happy Kids

Even happier Adults 🙂

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7 thoughts on “The Inventor Kit”

  • We’ve worked through the initial projects now and are starting to get the hang of it. Perfect for anyone with budding engineers or developers in the family.

  • Great fun for all ages. I ordered this for my child’s birthday but have found my partner playing with it too!

    My child loved building the projects and being creative while playing with it too. The online tutorials are really easy to follow. We made a burglar alarm to warn if nosy parents go into their room – I love how the kit gets the creative juices flowing. Fun to play with but also very educational at the same time.

    I’m thinking of ordering another for a techie friend, who without a doubt will get hours of fun from it too.

    Great price and fast delivery, A+++.

  • I bought this to make an automatic cat feeder, and was really pleased with the coding platform in general. Coming from working with the Arduino, I’m used to spending hours trying to get things working, but this really did just work straight out of the box. Next up I’ll make something to turn the kettle on…

  • I’ve never really done anything like this before but I had a few ideas I wanted to try that weren’t on the market. As a complete amateur, I did find it quite tricky to begin with and a little frustrating at times but I found that the guys on the site were really helpful and clear and I finally managed to get my ideas to come together. My kids were impressed with my ice cream cooler invention that I made, and I’m already planning projects for us to do when they get older!

  • Bought this kit for for my Nephew at Christmas – amazing value for money. He’s quite interested in electronics was playing with it all day. It reminds me of the old crystal radio kits they used to sell, but updated for the new millennium. It’s nice to see that children can still be enthralled by electronics.

  • I was a little confused at first, but the MakerClub team are great, and they helped me get back on track. The platform could do with a little tweaking for those who really haven’t programmed before, but they seem to be making updates all the time, so I’m sure it will get there 🙂

  • So much fun!! I bought one for my nephew and now he’s starting to make his own inventions from scratch. We started off making the disco light and boxing billy inventions, and are starting to work our way up to the more complicated robotics challenges

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