Teach future skills at your school

Our members go on a journey of discovery making, programming, designing and learning together.

Changing World

The Skills Needed for Success are Changing

Research shows that by 2030 there will be high demand for people with programming, CAD, creative thinking and collaborative problem solving skills.

As computers continue to automate more repetitive jobs, more creative opportunities are opening up.

Most Disruptive

Technologies to watch


Intelligent robots, Driverless Cars, complex problem solving

Big Data

Petabytes of data can now be analysed in seconds on the cloud


Record levels of investment being made in the core infrastructure

Machine Learning

Accurate predictions can now be made from analysing large datasets

3D Printing

The democratisation of manufacture is changing whole industries


Real-world computing will connect trillions of devices at low cost


Advanced CAD-only prototyping, gaming and training applications


Unprecedented control over data security, and transactions


We’ve Made Teaching Invention Easy

Our online platform has been built from the ground up to take members on a journey of invention building up on their skills as they go.

Become a Master Maker with the MakerClub Membership

Work through monthly challenges to rise through the ranks from Maker, Engineer, Inventor and Master Maker.


Follow along with our starter projects


Start to personalise and customise projects to fit your needs


Combine different ideas and solve real-world problems

Master Maker

Share your inventions with the world and help others get as good as you

Our Bespoke Hardware Makes it Possible

30 times more powerful than the Arduino, and as easy to use as the micro:bit, our board leads the way when it comes to pure Internet of Things programming.

Programmed via our Coding Dashboard

Our award-winning coding environment makes getting started easy, while more advanced pupils can start to code in Python, making ever more complex inventions.

More Projects can be Unlocked as Members Progress

We have created dozens of projects ranging from very simple motor movements to complicated 3D printed tanks and robotic arms. Each project offers opportunities to talk about the physics and maths involved in making them work.

Mini Bot

Robotic Arm

The Inventor Kit

Sign Me Up

MakerClub at your school

Setting up a club requires a class kit as well as access to our award-winning platform.

The class kit contains all the hardware, electronics, tools and materials needed to invent.

The platform then delivers project-based learning directly to students, with fantastic teaching resources, reporting, and more.

The Class Kit


All of the electronics, motors, speakers, wiring, tools and craft equipment required to run a MakerClub at your school.

What you get

Everything for the budding maker


Servo Module

Motor Module



Calibrated Thermometer

Distance Sensor

Fire Detector

Geared Motor

Glue Gun


Humidity Sensor



Light Gate

Light Sensor

Sound Detector

Magnetic Switch

Motion Sensor

Push Button

Quiet Sound Detector

Remote Control Receiver

Servo Motor

Shock Sensor

Tap Sensor


Tilt Switch

Touch Sensor

Moisture Sensor

Platform Access

£199 per student per year

Access to our award-winning platform, with everything a maker needs to master invention. Logins can be transferred each term.

Included with the Licence


All of the features of the student dashboard, plus the ability to add and remove students, check their attendance, their medical requirements etc.


See how each student is progressing through their projects, which badges they have unlocked and the knowledge and skills they have acquired.


The platform is built to be as user-friendly as possible, with tutorials built in to help troubleshoot. We are also on hand with email support and can set up video calls whenever necessary.


Our queuing system comes with in-built estimation for materials used and time required to print. We find that this is the easiest way to manage the prints that members need for their projects.

Happy Kids

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