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MakerClub Invention Kit


With dozens of projects and a world of electronics, the MakerClub invention kit is the best way to learn programming through making.
Perfect for ages 8 to

The World's Most Advanced
Invention Platform

More powerful than Arduino and as easy to use as micro:bit, our MakerBoard leads the way when it comes to real-world programming.

No experience needed. Everything's built into our invention platform.

Learn Through Making

Select your project and follow along with the step-by-step instructions. Once you've got the skills, start making your own inventions.

Programmed Via Our Coding Dashboard

Our award-winning coding environment makes getting started easy, allowing you to focus on changing the world!

Earn Badges to Unlock Projects

Complete projects, challenges and quizzes to unlock more projects and rise through the ranks to becoming a master maker.

15 inventions straight out of the box

Each of our projects introduces a new electronic part or programming concept, building on previous knowledge.

Mini Bot

Thirsty Plant

The Servo Bot

What you get

All Electronics and Materials Included


Motor Module

Servo Module

Distance Sensor

Moisture Sensor

Sound Detector

Motion Sensor

Geared Motor (×2)

Wheel (×2)

Servo Motor (×2)

LED (×6)

Power Bank

Micro USB Cable

Module Connector (×2)

Mini USB Cable




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