Why making is important

The Maker Movement has exploded over the last 10 years with the rise of 3D printers and impressive microprocessors. Over the next ten years this technology will completely transform the world.

Making creates understanding

Making is the best way to learn how the world works. Through our curriculum, we are able to teach physics and maths as well as programming in a really fun way.


Making builds communities

Through working on projects together, kids learn important team-building skills. Then by playing with and sharing their inventions, they can also share ideas and make friends.


Making is how we learn

Over 100 years of studies into the way humans learn best have shown us that ‘constructionism’ or learning through making is the most effective way to retain knowledge.


Making builds confidence

The more our kids learn that they can come up with an idea, give making it a go, make mistakes and then fix them, the more they grow.


Making solves problems

We live in a world that’s changing quickly. The next generation will need problem solving and technology to tackle the challenges coming our way.

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